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During the weeklong SoNIC Summer Research Workshop, participants learn about a variety of state-of-the-art computing research directions happening at Cornell University and beyond, and get an opportunity to conduct a short research project. Participants will also learn about research-oriented career paths in computing, including the process of obtaining advanced degrees. More information about the next offering can be found on the Cornell DEI website.

Course Project and Materials

The workshop will focus on robotics and assistive technology. Specifically, students will work together to build Smart Assistive Canes for Blind and Low Vision Users.


Video description: A researcher holds the smart cane before him while covering his eyes. He takes small steps forward, then turns to his right to avoid an obstacle (a stack of clear boxes). He takes a few more steps, turns to his left, then walks forward again.

Technical Details

Additional Resources

You can access more resources for the project, including the GitHub repository and lesson slides.


The 2023 SoNIC schedule is below.

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