Our mission is to enable robots to improve the quality of life of people with mobility limitations by assisting them with activities of daily living (ADLs). In our lab, we seek solutions to the fundamental research question on how to leverage robot-world physical and social interactions in unstructured human environments to perform relevant ADLs.

EmPRISE lab is a part of the Department of Computer Science in the Computing and Information Science at Cornell University. We are a full-stack robotics lab leveraging tools from sensing, perception, planning, learning, and control to provide intelligent autonomy. Our projects delve deep into human-robot interaction, haptic perception, robot manipulation, and tactile sensing. We are not only passionate about developing algorithms that solve fundamental problems in these domains but also strongly believe in developing real robotic systems, deploying them in the real world, and evaluating them with real users.

Recent News

September 2023
EmPRISE Lab welcomes two new PhD students to the lab! Ziang Liu and Leah Lackey are joining the CS and ECE PhD programs, respectively. Ziang is joining us from Stanford, where he did his M.S. in CS, and Leah is joining us from Yale, where she was working as a researcher in the Lens Media lab.

August 2023
Tapo gave two invited lectures in The Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-doctoral Research School 2023

July 2023
Our lab organized the week-long in-person workshop, SoNIC 2023, on Robotics and Assistive Technology at Cornell

July 2023
Tapo gave an invited talk at the RSS'23 Workshop on Experiment-oriented Locomotion and Manipulation Research

May 2023
Congrats Grace Zhang for wining the 2023 ECE M. Eng. Poster Session in the category of AI / Pattern Recognition

April 2023
Tapo gave an Invited Talk on Robotics in the 2023 Ethics Roundatble at Berea College

March 2023
Tapo gave an invited talk at the HRI'23 Workshop on Advancing HRI Research and Benchmarking Through Open-Source Ecosystems (slides and video are available on the website)

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