RCareWorld: A Human-centric Simulation World for
Caregiving Robots

Accepted in IROS 2022.
Winner of RoboCup Best Ppaer Award, finalist of ABB Best Paper/Best Student Paper Award.

What is RCareWorld?

RCareWorld is a human-centric simulation world for physical and social robot caregiving with support for realistic human modeling, home environments with multiple levels of accessibility, and robots for assistance. This simulation is designed using inputs from stakeholders such as expert occupational therapists, care recipients, and caregivers. It models the human avatars with musculoskeletal models and XPBD-based flesh, and builds them with clinical data. It provides a variety of benchmark ADL tasks in realistic settings. It interfaces with various physics engines to model rigid, articulated, and deformable objects. It provides the capability to plan, control, and learn human and robot control policies by interfacing with state-of-the-art external planning and learning libraries.

Human with musculoskeletal and skeletal models with soft tissue. 6 avatars with different mobility limitations based on clinical data.
Caregiving-oriented home environment assets modified from the Matterport dataset with three levels of accessibilities.
Robots commonly used in physical and social caregiving settings. Also supporting custom robots with URDF.
6 realistic robotic caregiving tasks providing meaningful assistance to care recipients with activities of daily living.

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