We use SMPL-X models to represent a human avatar’s body shape and integrate it with an actuatable musculoskeletal system to model kinematics and dynamics. We use an XPBD-based soft-tissue system to simulate deformation in the soft tissues covering the human body.

Skeletal Model with Soft Tissue

We cover the human body with soft tissue which deforms during contact and movement.

Deformation during contact (Particle)
Deformation During Movement
Deformable and Actuable Tongue

Musculoskeletal Model

We present a muscle-driven actuation system for SMPL-X. The muscle is modeled with a Hill-type muscle. In these demos, each red segment represents a muscle segment, which contracts and actuates the limbs.

AdaptiveThe musculoskeletal system is adaptive to different body shapes.
ActuatableMuscle contracts and generates limb motion.


We build care recipients with six different mobility limitations with clinical data, including the range of motion and muscle strength.

Spinal Cord Injury: c1-c3

Spinal Cord Injury: c4-c5

Spinal Cord Injury: c6-c7

Cerebral Palsy


Brain Stem Stroke

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