FAQ & Human Subject Policy

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Getting Started

Who is RCareWorld for?

RCareWorld, a human-centric simulation world designed with stakeholders-in-the-loop, is a simulation platform for all robotics researchers interested in performing research in caregiving robots, including physical and social caregiving.

What systems are supported for this simulator?

We support both Windows and Linux systems. For Linux servers, the simulator can run in the background in headless mode. We do not support MacOS, and are not planning to support MacOS in the future. Feel free to test and contribute if you are interested in using it on MacOS.

How can I learn to use RCareWorld?

We have tutorial and documents here. You can find the example projects on Github. Also, we are planning to record some video lessons and post them on YouTube. Stay tuned!


How can I get the models for the devices?

Some of the device models are bought online, and some are free. We pack the free models in our Executable Files. If you need to use the paid models, we also provide the links for purchasing them. Check the documents for details.

How can I get the Unity Assets?

Some of the Unity Assets are bought in the asset store, and some are free. Users can check the packages required and purchase that in Unity Asset Store.

Human Subject Policy

The data for human subjects were collected with IRB protocols approved by Cornell University and Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

RCareWorld Team

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